Thursday, June 2, 2016

Westfield at Market in San Francisco

I escaped to San Francisco to go on a  sight see on the weekend. I took notes of a gorgeous lighting set up in a food court.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Missing the Sahara Casino

The Sahara in LV is not really missed.

I may have stayed there the week before they closed it down. On my way back from Vegas, I was picturing all the things that could have been Sahara.

 It could have been reborn into some crazy cosmopolitan Sahara with colored LED lights and hanging gardens, cactus cocktail bars and vaping vending machines next to the pool. Giant light screen shaped like Elvis Presly greets guests and throws some ads in your face for discounted mocha mojitos at the bar. It could have been a place where the waitresses wore veils and you actually never had to see boobs in Vegas. It could have been a place where Elvis impersonators retired with an endless stock of elvis costumes. 

What if there were mirages everywhere. There is a tank of fish, but this is not a stereotypical blue water tank. This tank is transparent. You didn't know it was there till you saw that octopus crawling. Women would pop out of corners and then hide and then pop out again. Your mind goes on a visual scavenger hunt but you are fooled. You are in an arid environment, you must fight to survive.