Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hong Kong Haircut at Gallery Nucleus!

For sale at Gallery Nucleus through Power in Numbers, check it out for more details here.

Geting a haircut at Cali-Hair on Valley and Chapel street in Alhambra, CA. Looking at himself in the mirror, he saw a reflection that was not his. Something about the way he saw himself was foreign..

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  1. The mirror is showing him his real persona. In his mind is his self contrived image. Who or what gives form to that false set of perceptions or aspirations?
    This syndrome is pandemic. Normalcy is a functional necessity but we are all unique. Thence is ample fabric to taylor drama! Find it at a hairsalon near you. I always liked having long hair down my back real long. Never did it, but have had real dreams about it. Too late now, I've lost most of my top.